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HAMLOG cloud service was launched in 2015. The prototype was an online logging system developed to support participants of RAEM-110 memorial, allowing special event stations to upload their QSO into a centralized database, and then issue electronic certificates for all participants, based on the uploaded QSO data.

Traditional amateur radio award programs are using manual QSO/QSL verification, impose quite a burden both on applicants and award sponsors. Electronic QSO matching was pioneered by ARRL in its hugely successful Logbook of the World project. It helped to reinvent the whole award management process. However, its architecture has multiple limitations, lacking scalability and flexibility. Demand for agile platform, capable of supporting thousands of various award programs and special events was pretty obvious. That’s why HAMLOG.ONLINE platform was born.

Initially, Hamlog platform allowed users just to upload ADIF files and issue electronic awards based on presence of QSOs in special event stations logs. Later QSO matching was added. Special attention was paid to the ability of award sponsors to configure their awards. In just a few years number of award programs hosted on the platform, exceeded 2000.

Along with short term special event awards, which did not require serious security methods to support integrity of the system, number of national organizations decided to host their awards on the platform. These award programs required serious attention to system reliability, availability and security. Today the platform utilizes a distributed data processing with special attention to user account protection.

It appeared that the platform is capable not only to support awards and check the uploaded QSO, but even provide real time logging, where each QSO can be recorded the very moment it’s completed, with near real time recalculation of award standings. Either QSO can be added right in the web browser, and some loggers (WSJT-X being the first) seamlessly integrate with Hamlog, so operators don’t need to re-enter QSO data, upload files, etc. Once a QSO is completed – it gets right to the online log, and operators get award credits immediately (if the other operators use Hamlog real time logging or upload their logs promptly).

For awards that accept LotW confirmations, Hamlog allows inport of LotW QSL data.

The system let operators create, send and receive electronic QSL of their own designs. HAMLOG also may be used as a cloud backup, capable of storing all your QSOs ever made.

The platform is supported by sponsors and ad revenue, so it is free for all operators and award sponsors using it. Donations are always welcome, and sponsorship packages are available. Donors can make their contributions in their accounts, and for the information regarding sponsorship packages please contact us at infohamlog.online.

Hamlog is an actively developing project, supported by volunteers from many countries. We believe that it can become an integrating platform, simplifying routine operator’s tasks, fueling interest in new activities and modes, and simply adding fun to our great hobby.

For inclusion of your awards, please send rules and images of awards to the technical support address: supporthamlog.online or use the form below. We are open to any clubs and individual award sponsors. We reserve the right to decline inclusion of any awards that contradict the general principles of humanity, world piece, other humanitarian values or have content prohibited by law.

Platform is operated by HAMLOG LLC, New Hampshire Limited Liability Company, Bedford, New Hampshire, USA.

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