What is Hamlog?

Hamlog is online cloud platform for active amateur radio operators. It supports various on the air activities of various clubs, associations and national amateur radio organizations, allows them to create award programs and deliver awards to those who earned them. Hamlog also has a built-in real-time logger, which allows operators to enter QSO in the system as they make them. It supports multiple callsigns, multiple locations, multi-station activities, etc. Soon it will allow to connect transceivers and other ham radio devices right to the browser, allowing easy online logging virtually anywhere.

What is WWPass?

WWpass is an innovative method of authentication (login), which does not require usernames/passwords, keeps user data very secure and does not allow fishing and credential sharing. You can learn more about WWPass technology at https://wwpass.com

How to get started with WWPASS

Why Hamlog uses WWPass?

Your personal information, including your log data, should be protected. Usernames and passwords, even complemented by “second factor” like text codes or one-time- passwords, are not really secure. To protect QSO data integrity, ARRL, for example, uses Private Key Infrastructure (Certificates, digital signing of logs, etc). WWPass is much more convenient, and even more secure way to protect your log data.

I don’t want to use WWPass. Can I still use Hamlog?

Without being authenticated, you can see all data associated with your call sign, obtained from public sources (e.g. published contest logs), and get awards, which do not require two-way confirmations. You can see all activities, browse available awards, and check others’ results. I will not be able to upload your own private logs, use cloud logger, and get awards, which require two-way confirmations.

How much does it cost to use Hamlog?

At the moment, use of Hamlog, including premium features available only to registered users, is free. Use of WWPass is also free. We may introduce additional features in the future, which may require paid subscriptions, but we will try to keep costs for amateur radio operators at minimum.

How does Hamlog earn money?

We depend on advertising revenues, and gladly accept donations from individual and corporate sponsors. We plan to introduce some revenue-generating services in the future.